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SETSCI - Volume 1 (2017)
ISMSIT2017 - International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Technologies, Tokat, Turkey, Dec 02, 2017

The Case of Fırat Technopark ICT Cluster in the framework of Smart Specialization Strategy
Erhan Akın1*
1Fırat University, Elazığ, Turkey
* Corresponding author:
Published Date: 2017-12-08   |   Page (s): 1-9   |    523     2

ABSTRACT Today, the universal development tool of the globalization in the world is ICT. Therefore, the capacity of using advanced tools of ICT in developed countries is increasing rapidly. Intelligent technological tools have become a part of our lives. Intelligent systems in our world that try to adapt to the era of information after the industrial revolution and the strategies governing these systems have a great importance in terms of emerging industries. Industry 4.0 and Smart Specialization Strategy, which is the most important management tool for the distribution of Horizon 2020 fund resources of the European Union, also have importance for developing countries like Turkey in terms of implementation of development policies. Now the awareness of the knowledge is unquestionable that every inhabitant countries can be developed society. Turkey attaches great importance to the youth population and new technologies and initiatives with open culture in ICT. Just as in the developed world, in Turkey, the entrepreneurship of technology development zones / technoparks as one of the most important players of the regional development ecosystem has already proved its importance for the development of the country. The increase in the quantity and quality of the technoparks in Turkey also contributes positively to the growth of the ICT sector. The emergence of high-tech creative industries in the region of technoparks have good conditions for creating micro-clusters of these sectors, attracting talent and investors, creating employment and accessing high-skilled talent pools. Because cluster dynamics are an important power for the economic, industrial and technological specialization of a region or country. In the context of new regional innovation strategies supported by the European Union and focused on the Smart Specialization Strategy, clusters are an important tool for discover the regional strengths and potentials of new emerging sector. In this study, we will investigate the role of technoparks in Turkey, which forming cluster in relation to smart specialization. Also we will analyse the potential of ICT technoparks in the world and Turkey in the development of region, the potential of Fırat Teknokent to create a ICT cluster for the last 5 years, the state of the ICT cluster, the increase in employment capacity, the exploit of technoparks facilities and cluster growth capability.
KEYWORDS Technoparks, Cluster, Smart Specialization, ICT Cluster
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