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SETSCI - Volume 1 (2017)
ISMSIT2017 - International Symposium on Multidisciplinary Studies and Innovative Technologies, Tokat, Turkey, Dec 02, 2017

Global Ağ Yapısına Dayalı Kuramoto Modelinde Senkronizasyonun Araştırılması
İrem Şenyer Yapıcı1, Rukiye Uzun2*
1Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi, Zonguldak, Türkiye
2Bülent Ecevit Üniversitesi, Zonguldak, Türkiye
* Corresponding author:
Published Date: 2017-12-08   |   Page (s): 111-114   |    641     9

ABSTRACT In the study synchronization was studied using an all-to-all network structure in a multiple system of Kuramoto oscillators. Synchronization performance was first investigated in a weakly connected system, and the effects of link strength and number of oscillators were investigated. Then, if the system has a strong connection, the change in synchronization performance is examined. In addition, the effect of phase variation on synchronization has been examined for two different values of coupling strength in a system using less oscillators. According to the findings, it is determined that the number of oscillators in a weakly connected system is not effective on synchronization and even if the number of oscillators is increased in such a system, the system can not reach full synchronization. It has been determined that, in a strongly connected system, the system has reached full synchronization at a certain range of link strength values, and synchronization has decreased outside this range. It has been seen that in the very great values of connection force, the system is completely synchronized and the oscillators move independently of each other. It is also found that the phase shifts of each oscillator in the system are different from the critical threshold force, otherwise (greater than the critical threshold force) the phase changes are close to each other.  
KEYWORDS Global network structure, Kuramoto model, Synchronization, Network structure, Oscillator
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