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SETSCI - Volume 3 (2018)
ISAS2018-Winter - 2nd International Symposium on Innovative Approaches in Scientific Studies, Samsun, Turkey, Nov 30, 2018

Completeness of the Weak Eigenfunctions of one Boundary-Value-Transmission Problem
Hayati Olgar1*, O. Sh.   Mukhtarov  2, F. S. Muhtarov3, Kadriye Aydemir4
1Gaziosmanpaşa University, Tokat, Turkey
2AzerbaijanNational Academy of Sciences  , Bakü, Azerbaijan
3AzerbaijanNational Academy of Sciences  , Bakü, Azerbaijan
4Amasya University, Amasya, Turkey
* Corresponding author:
Published Date: 2019-01-14   |   Page (s): 1168-1172   |    178     10

ABSTRACT Recently, the basis properties and eigenfunction expansions in various function spaces of the eigenfunction of the regular
boundary value problems with spectral parameter in the boundary conditions have been investigated by many mathematicans. However in different areas of applied mathematics and physics many problems arise in the form of singular boundary value problems
involving transmission conditions at the interior singular points. Such problems are called boundary-value-transmission problems.
For example, some boundary value problems with transmission conditions arise in heat and mass transfer problems, in vibrating string problems when the string loaded with additional point masses, in diffraction problems. It is not clear how the extend
the classical methods to a problem with additional transmission conditions. Another major diffuculty lies in the completeness of
the eigenfunctions, since the eigenvalues of a Sturm-Liouville problems with transmission conditions may not have an asymptotic expansion. This study devoted to the investigation of the Sturm-Liouville type boundary-value problems with supplementary
transmission conditions. We introduce a new concept, so-called generalized eigenfunctions and study the completeness and basis
properties of systems of generalized eigenfunctions for the problem under consideration.  
KEYWORDS Boundary value problems, boundary conditions, weak eigenfunctions, eigenvalue, completeness
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