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SETSCI - Volume 4 (6) (2019)
ISAS WINTER-2019 (ENS) - 4th International Symposium on Innovative Approaches in Engineering and Natural Sciences, Samsun, Turkey, Nov 22, 2019

The New Activation Function for Complex Valued Neural Networks: Complex Swish Function
Mehmet Çelebi1*, Murat Ceylan2
1İller Bankası A.Ş, , Ankara, Turkey
2Konya Technical University, Konya, Turkey
* Corresponding author:
Published Date: 2019-12-22   |   Page (s): 169-173   |    348     10

ABSTRACT Complex-valued artificial neural network (CVANN) has been developed to process data with complex numbers directly. In a CVANN the weights, threshold, inputs and outputs are all complex numbers. The convergence of the CVANN back propagation algorithm depending on some factors such as selection of appropriate activation function, threshold values, initial weights and normalization of data. The most important of these factors is the selection of the appropriate activation function. The selection of activation function determines the convergence and general formation characteristics of the complex back propagation algorithm. In this study, the swish activation function discovered by Google researchers Prajit Ramachandra, Barret Zoph and Quoc V. Le is discussed in the complex domain. Swish activation function, which gives good results in real plane, has been studied in the complex plane. We have compared the performance of swish activation functions on the complex XOR and symmetry problems with other known activation functions. The simulations’ results show that the proposed network using swish activation function, give the best result when compared to other networks using the traditional complex logarithmic sigmoid and tangent sigmoid activation functions
KEYWORDS Neural network, complex-valued neural network, activation function, swish
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